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Tired of rubbish destinations online that don't deliver what they promise? We hear you: which is precisely why we created Free Adult Sex Games! As the name might suggest, our number one priority is to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable enjoying a thick cache of naughty games that you can access in an instant. With over 6 years of production behind us and many future games planned, there has never been a better time to join the FASG community to see what all of the fuss is about. This is a warehouse level adventure and we're so proud of the database of games we've managed to build up. Suffice to say that if you're looking to inspect some seriously sexual games, this place will keep you occupied for a decent chunk of time!

All of this started out as a result of the fact that we were praying for some great porn games and never managed to get them. Well, it didn't take long for us to work out that we'd have to take matters into our own hands – with a clear motive; we sprang into action and trained ourselves in the dark arts of pornographic game creation. It hasn't been an easy ride, but we're extremely happy with the results and think that going forward, everyone will have to admit that we are the number one platform around for horny dudes that want to game.

An expansive library of games

Variety is the spice of life, which is why we love to produce lots of porn games that cover a multitude of different niches. Not only does the underlying theme of each game remain unique, but so does the artwork, gameplay style and so on. Think of us as being a Steam for porn games – what you'll get your hands on is next-level smutty titles that really allow you to pick and choose the types of adult games you're interested in. Free Adult Sex Games currently sits on a library of 45 releases – another 4 are planned to be shared in the coming 2 months as well! Production has never been quicker, but don't go thinking that our quality control has suffered: these are killer games that will make you cum time and time again. Every single title has to meet our expectations and if it doesn't, we throw it out and start again. All games are also produced in-house – no outsourcing to third-party companies or relicensing goes on here. This means that the dozens of games we've got stored up cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. If you want to play them, you're going to have to come on in – no two ways about it!

Surging graphical demand

It was apparent early on in production that people really wanted to get their hands on stellar quality games that looked impressive as well as played decently. A lot of our time and effort (as well as budget, sorry boss!) has gone into perfecting the artwork and ensuring that it looks absolutely fantastic. Back in the day, most porn games were built in Flash and were just side projects of people with a semi-reasonable understanding of coding. That doesn't cut it in the modern era, so you'll be pleased to know that we have a dedicated art team that currently consists of 4 members. These guys are incredibly skilled and illustration, graphic design, rendering and so on – their skills are not wasted here and we squeeze every last piece of creativity we can out of them, before stuffing them back in the juicer and getting even more. No, but really: we give the artists here a lot of creative freedom to ensure that they're comfortable with working here. If there are any disagreements – their word is final! Sure, it might create some tense moments, but from the reception we've received from the community and even critics, it's quite apparent that we're in good hands visually. They're always working overtime to publish stunning graphics and the like: it's something that the team here is really proud of. Just one look at our latest game previews will show you the extreme level of quality we get out of the talented art team – great work, guys!

Game on any device

All of our games have a special feature that you might not get anywhere else: full compatibility across all devices. The way we achieve this is by ensuring that access to our releases is done via Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. As long as you're running one of these, you'll have absolutely zero issues with getting inside and having a blast. You can probably get Free Adult Sex Games to run on pretty much any browser that has received a patch in the last 2 years, but the ones listed above are officially endorsed and we'll support them from now until the heat death of the universe. Naturally, as a result of this browser access system we have, people on mobile devices are able to get in without any issues whatsoever. Hell, our saves even synchronize on the server at the backend level, meaning that you'll be able to play on one device and then switch over to the other – pretty neat, eh?

A fantastic future in focus

While the current state of Free Adult Sex Games is incredible, I have to give a little bit of attention to the aspirations of the company and where we see ourselves going forward. Within 2 years, we want to double our membership base, as well as establish leaderboards, a comprehensive achievement system, free bonus videos and some behind the scenes stuff to show you what goes on here behind the stellar sex games. We just launched a Discord server (6,000 members and counting – sweet!) and the official forums are nearing 50,000 posts. All in all, things are looking up for the team and with a bright future ahead of us, it would be a privilege and an honor to have you along for the ride.

Sign up now and get gaming. Free Adult Sex Games is number one and you know it! Peace.

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